Joe Viele at Ignite - "Own It"

Joe prides himself on being accessible, he can be reached here:
Work:  401-789-7332
Cell:  401-639-9294

"South Kingstown is my home.  It is where I live and work...where I raised a family, and where I enjoy my days. South Kingstown, for decades, has been my paradise.  And for much of that time, it has been a quiet paradise.

Many have discovered this paradise recently. And to them, I say welcome!

However, I view it as my obligation to preserve the aspects of South Kingstown that have made it so special to me.  I am running for South Kingstown town council so that you, and I, our neighbors, and our children can enjoy South Kingstown's quiet beauty as well as its quaint business district.  I am running to ensure that we have reliable town services while ensuring they are affordable.  I am running to encourage you to hang out the welcome sign to new residents as I have - residents that will hang out their own signs: the just sold sign, the now hiring sign, and the children at play sign.

Together, as we welcome new residents, we can encourage them to help preserve what makes South Kingstown so special to you and me.

I ask for your continued support as we work to improve the town that we love."